AAA Group Architectural & Engineering Sector

Architectural & Engineering Consultants

Arenco – Architectural & Engineering Consultants, established in 1971, by Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Almoosa is one of U.A.E.’s leading Design and Development firms, offering full comprehensive services including Architectural Design, space planning, interior architecture, and building services, to clients throughout the Gulf Region. Arenco is of the view that architecture today is not only the art of buildings but it is now more so than ever before a science of building in the modern world. In fact, it has become an amalgam of technological achievements and the skillful integration of the planning and artistic skills of an architect to create today’s buildings. Using the latest in computer software and advanced design programme, Arenco manages to provide its clients with a better overall product, at a reasonable cost more efficiently and significantly faster. The objective of creating architecture and buildings for today’s needs with tomorrow in mind has earned Arenco, a top niche in the region’s building industry. A wide array of projects handled by Arenco include high-rise office and residential buildings, luxury hotels, government facilities, schools and universities, financial institutions, shopping complexes, mosques, self-contained furnished apartments, luxury villas and palaces, hospitals, sports stadia, warehouses, and showrooms. Arenco stands for technical excellence and innovative Architectural solutions, to make the built environment, as humane and comfortable as possible for the future growth and prosperity of our cities and urban areas.

Company Structure

Arenco architectural & engineering consultants allocate and maintain competent personnel with extensive years of experience and ability to oversee delivery of all agreed services. We are a collective of architects, designers and engineers working jointly to achieve the goals of the organization according to a well-defined roles and responsibilities.

Target Audience

Under the direction of Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Almoosa, Arenco architectural & engineering consultants are always pleased to offer their experience and qualification to undertake consultancy services for design and supervision of construction of various projects and to continue to serve as a lead consultant in the way that Arenco have earned Client’s confidence in their performance and capabilities. Arenco carried out full range of consultancy services for design and supervision of construction of various types of projects where Arenco put full-fledged architectural and engineering personnel in order to serve the project needs to client satisfaction.

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